Mameshiba San Kyoudai has arrived in Adelaide!

Shiba Plushies!!

Gyyyaaaah kawaii overload!!! 😍 New stock just arrived off of the ship from Japan, hopefully I will start getting it on the website soon! These ADORABLE plushies by Amuse Japan are so unbelievably cute, i just want to keep all of them haha! The star of this group is called Mametaro, and he is the oldest of 3 Shiba Inu brothers who love to travel around Japan.
He is super fluffy and adorable, with cute rosy cheeks and a curly tail. Also he is very charming with a blue "Furoshiki", Japanese style scarf, on his neck. Can you pick which one he is??

This is all Official Amuse merchandise. (There are many bootleg Amuse plushies around! We have bought these direct from Amuse so you can be confident you are buying the real thing ♥)

Mameshiba Sankyoudai Plushies Now Available!