New Official Gloomy Bear Products!

There's a bunch of new adorable Gloomy Bear products on the website! By "new" I mean new to the shop - We've had a bunch of Gloomy Bear merch floating around for years actually and just put a bit up here and there, so it's all actually circa 2010-ish, but it's all brand new and unused (of course!). It just sometimes takes me a really long time to add stock to the website because I work a couple of different jobs as well as doing this and so I just add new stuff when I can get around to it. Because of this I have a lot of old stock from all brands really, not just the Gloomy Bear stuff! And some of it is really rare and hard to find now, so it's actually kinda cool in a way that I am not able to keep on top of adding new products to the site haha  :P

New Gloomy Products!