Free Kawaii Halloween Stickers!

twinkle twinkletwinkle twinkle Daisuki is having a GIVEAWAY!!! twinkle twinkletwinkle twinkle


Every order on our website between now and midnight on Halloween will get one of these super cute halloween kitty sticker sheets included for FREEE!! Who doesn't love free stuff! No minimum $ order, all orders get one looooove! 

Halloween Stickers!

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Sticker Sheets Lucky Dip!

Check out our great value sticker sheet lucky dips!!

You get 10 adorable mixed sticker sheets for just $10, that's $1 per sheet. Themes and sheets included are random, get ready for a surprise! ♥

Sticker Sheet Lucky Dip!

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June Sticker Sale!!!

June Sticker Sale!

twinkle All of our Sticker Sheets will be 15% off through June 2019! twinkle

No need to enter in any codes at checkout, the prices have been reduced and the discounted prices are visible on each sticker sheet listing. heart

These stickers have so many great uses - whether you are a scrapbooker, a school teacher, a mum or dad, a collector.. anyone can find a use for them!  They fit wonderfully inside envelopes if you want to post some to a penpal, or maybe decorate presents, calendars, planners, anything!

Browse our sticker sheets below! 

 Korean DIY Sticker Sheets


See our GORGEOUS range of DIY Korean mini sticker sheets... they are unbelievably cute, featuring bunnies, kitties, doggos, and many more cute styles!

These little sticker sheets are not die-cut, so you can cut the stickers out yourself. They are transparant and look especially good stuck on light coloured surfaces rather than dark colours.

Normally $1.00 per sheet, grab them now while they are on special! They are guanranteed to put a smile on anyones face (seriously, look how cute they are!!) kitty wants dat...

line dot 068


Japanese Sticker Sheetsdotty


We have a great range of genuine Japanese Sticker Sheets from brands such as Sanrio, San-X, Kamio, Crux, Mind Wave and more! There are many counterfeit Sticker sheets of some of these brands floating around but we buy ours directly from the companies so you can be sure that you are supporting the original creators and also getting the best quality product!

There are so many wonderful stickers in this range, it is no wonder they are so collectable and sought after. We absolutely adore stickers here (and we have a weakness for cute animal stickers!) and are so happy to be able to supply such great quality stickers to all of you! Many people have a favourite brand but for us it is too hard to choose, all of these Japanese sticker companies produce such amazing kawaii products!!





Our other sticker sheet categories are :

Stickers Under $2.50

$2.50 +

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Iwako Novelty Food Erasers from Japan!

We've just received these great Novelty food erasers from Iwako Japan! They are very funny and cute, and sure to put a smile on your face when you need to erase mistakes at school, home or office!

The sets include :

dot dot dot! Set #11 - Chinese Cuisine Set

dot dot dot! Set #14 - Sweets Set

dot dot dot! Set #36 - Sushi Train / Conveyor Belt Set

dot dot dot! Set #41 - Sushi Set

Very limited stock available so get in quick!

Cute Iwako Food Erasers!

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Kawaii Christmas Sticker Sheets from Japan

xmas shibbyWe've just received some super cute new Christmas themed stickers from Japan, and added them to the shop! 
There are some crazy cute little Father Christmas stickers depicting him going about his present delivery adventures, and some adorable festive Shiba inu stickers!

These stickers would look wonderful decorating anything... Christmas presents, cards, even great as a gift to just slip the whole sheet inside a card for someone who you want to give a smile to. loooove!

New Products!

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A bunch of new products just in time for Christmas!

We've been adding some cute new products to the shop throughout the week, with more to come!
Including some adorable Stickers, Letter Sets, Memo Pads, Rubber Stamps and a couple of vintage plushies that had been hiding in a box for many years and have only just been rediscovered!

 New Products

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Lots of new goodies just added to the shop!

There are some adorable Stickers, Letter Sets, Memo Pads, & Washi Tape!

Please check out our Latest Products to see all of the new goodies

New Stuff!

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New ADORABLE Christmas Stickers from Korea!

Festive feels!

I just can't get over how cute these new Christmas stickers are.. *melting* they - are - ridiculous... kitty in love

There are 4 different Christmas themed sticker sheets, and they really are insanely adorable.  They've just arrived from South Korea and we added them straight to the website for only $1 per sheet. They come as an uncut sheet so you can cut them out as you like! The background is completely transparent and they would look wonderful decorating anything... Christmas presents, cards, even great as a gift to just slip the whole sheet inside a card for someone who you want to give a smile to. 

(Seriously though.... Look at those BUNNIES!!)

The cutest Christmas stickers EVER?!

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Lots of kawaii new washi tapes have arrived!

We've just added some adorable new Washi Tapes to the shop! These cute sticky tapes are excellent for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, or decorating any old thing! SO CUTE! It is so easy to get addicted to collecting these, and you will be forever coming up with new ways to use them  XD

Head over to our washi tape listings and take a look!

New Washi Tapes!

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More Goodies!!

More than 30 new kawaii goodies have been added to the online shop this week! If you love to write letters or give gifts then take a look, there are so many cute items including a lot of authentic Japanese collectible stationery & stickers from top brands such as Mindwave, San-X, Sanrio etc! Definitely something to make you and your loved ones smile! :D

Cute New Products!

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