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This adorable tiny cat plushie hanger / mascot by Japanese company Marie Maison de Mieux would look so cute hanging from your bag zipper / car mirror / Christmas tree / phone, wherever! This little cutie is captured mid-pounce, and is so cute with their soft fluffy belly exposed!  They are silky soft and the pictures do not do justice to how cute they are!
These little treasures are super rare and have travelled a very long way here to Australia looking for their forever home. What will you name them?? 

This kitty comes with a removable hanger strap which attaches/unattaches to the plushie easily with a lobster clasp, and includes a springy plastic cord with a small keyring attachment, plus a phone strap hanger which can easily be attached to any bag etc, and also a dust plug attachment so it can be hung from anywhere that has a headphone jack such as a phone, tablet, stereo etc... So convenient that this kitty can come everywhere with you!!

Size 4cm high, 5cm wide, 7cm long

This is an official Marie Maison de Mieux product.