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This set of 3 adorable food themed pencil caps are made by Crux Japan, and trust me they are cuter in person! My photos do not do them justice, plus you can't hear the cute little rattle of all the little round sprinkles floating around in the choc top through my photo ♥

Not to mention the cute little critters who are decorating these pencil caps, there are penguins with baby sloths on their backs decorating a gorgeous little bubblegum machine (with shakable little gumballs inside!), a shiba inu in a choc-top with shakable little round sprinkles that rattle adorably (as previously mentioned!), and some sweet little axolotls and otters hanging out in a laundry basket. So much random cuteness packed into 3 little pencil protectors!

These pencil caps will protect your favourite pencils in your pencil case and stop the leads from getting broken (and stop your pencils from making your pencil case dirty!)

Official Crux Japan Product.