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These flower stickers are so cute and delicate and small! They are so freaking adorable that you will just want to stick them everywhere. They have a really delicate & pretty glittery sheen to them in the right light also, as if they weren't already cute enough!
These stickers would look great decorating a letter or an envelope, a calendar, planner, diary or journal, scrapbook, school books (or anything!)
Wonderful addition to any sticker collection, or great as a gift to slip into a card or letter, or to reward good students. 

These stickers have been in storage since being purchased back in 2014, and would be impossible to find now anywhere else I think (the stickers from Mind Wave are only made for one season and then deleted to make way for new designs!) so very rare and perfect for any Mind Wave collectors out there ♥

This is an Official Mind Wave product, Made in Japan.

Sticker sheet measures 17.5cm x 9cm (Vintage 2014)