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This gorgeous book will help you organise your LIFE!! Or at lease it will make you feel like it is more organised! XD If you are a lists/budgeting/notes type of person then this may be right up your alley. It would help if you can read Japanese to understand all of the different sections of this book, but there are also english subtitles for many of the sections, and you can always re-label sections to better suit your needs. 

There seems to be a 2 page spread per month, including sections for earnings/income and expenses, memo notes, monthly goals, a calendar for each month (not labelled or dated so you can fill it in for whatever month you need!) credit card expenses and irregular expenses, monthly balance report which you can carry over to the next month, and a "reflection of this month" notes section. 

Towards the end of the book there are some pages to income and expenses for the whole year, medical costs, and some blank lined pages for writing any extra notes. The book comes with a plastic clip cover with a handy multi-section pocket in the back which includes a few empty envelopes also to store any receipts etc. Soooo handy and organised!

Official Mind Wave Japan product. Made in Japan.