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This letter set features the gorgeous Mofutans! These mochi bunny characters are soft and squishy and very stretchy and sticky - just like real mochi - in fact often these poor buns will end up stuck together when they are playing or biting each other or grooming each other - what a predicament! They are so cute and silly and lovable, and this letter paper featuring them is sure to make anyone smile ♥

There are 8 sheets of super cute writing paper
(4 different designs, 2 sheets of each design)
And 4 envelopes, each with a different cute design!

What a gorgeous way to stay in touch with loved ones, and put a smile on their faces. Getting handwritten letters is such a joyful experience, and it is such a wonderful feeling to post something so special.

This letter set was originally a bulk pack of writing paper and envelopes by San-X Japan which has been separated into these smaller sized sets.