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This gorgeous plushie Kamo no Hashi phone seat is 6.5cm tall / 11.5cm wide.
He is so cute and fluffy and is a soft cozy place to rest your mobile phone (or iPod!) Always good to have a cute platypus guarding your valuable items!
Will also make you desk look super dooper kawaii.

*This plushie is from 2007 which makes it very rare now, but also - it was intended to be used for the little flip phones that were available at that time! It may not be big enough (or heavy enough) to hold the new age smart phones etc! But it could be used for other thing such as small remote controls, makeup, sanitiser, medicine - things like that!*

Vintage 2007, Official San-x Japan product.

Please note - This is our last one in stock, and it has a crease in the tag!