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This gorgeous San-X mini plushie is the popular character Rilakkuma / Relax Bear! And what is Rilakkuma doing today? Relaxing of course! Rilakkuma also has a lucky four leaf clover, to help bring you good luck on your adventures ♥
This little Rilakkuma is approx 6.5cm long and will look adorable anywhere he hangs! (For example car mirror, Christmas tree, mobile phone, or from your school bag or handbag!) 

(These little guys are back from the 2008 San-X range, and have been in storage since we used to take our products to local markets and conventions to sell, and are in immaculate condition. These, as with pretty much all San-X merchandise, were limited edition - and I don't think you would be able to find these ANYWHERE anymore, at best they would be incredibly rare!)

Measures approx : 6.5 × 4 × 3mm

Official San-X Japan merchandise - Vintage 2008!!