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This gorgeous letter set by San-X Japan features the adorable Sentimental Circus!
Sentimental Circus is a group of characters created by San-X, and this is Shappo who looks like a rabbit, but is a leader of the Sentimental Circus team. Sentimental Circus are a bunch of plush dolls which were abandoned but have come together to form a super cute team!

There are 4 different designs of writing paper (8 sheets each, 32 sheets altogether) and 4 different envelopes (4 of each, 16 altogether). The envelopes are printed on both the inside and outside, they are so pretty!
What a lovely way to stay in touch with your loved ones - getting cute letters in the mail is arguably one of the best things in the entire world.
Writing paper measures 19cm x 14.5cm

Official San-X product. Made in Japan (2012)