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This absolutely beautiful purse from San-X Japan features the adorable Tsuginohi Kerori, also known as Tomorrow Frog. The purse itself is lovely, it has a clear pouch on the outside of the purse for a quick place to stash business cards or notes or shopping lists etc, and then a double compartment when unzipped, you can put cash in one side and cards in the other, or you can just keep cards in it - whatever works best for you!

This treasure has been in storage for the last 10 or so years, since the days where we used to sell at local conventions and fairs. It is brand new, never used, with tags still attached. We are gradually going through all of this old (and now super rare!) stock and adding it to our shop here, there are many rare and collectible treasures that we are re-discovering!

Official San-X Japan product. Vintage 2008

* This item has been discounted below original cost because the ink used in the printing has started to feather a bit due to age, so the the green sections of the print are not super crisp but have a slight yellow halo around them. Please be aware of this and look carefully at the photos to decide if you are happy with this product before buying!