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This large 12" / 31cm My Melody Kuromi plushie from Sanrio is so gorgeous, and suuuuper rare! Brand new, still in sealed OP bag with all tags in tact. (I refused to take this out of the plastic bag to photograph the product, so sorry for the crinkly plastic in the picture!)

This cutey has been in storage for the last 7 or 8 years, since the days where we used to sell at local conventions and fairs. She is brand new, still in original sealed plastic bag. We are gradually going through all of this old (and now super rare!) stock and adding it to our shop here, there are many rare and collectible treasures that we are re-discovering!

There are MANY counterfeit/bootleg Sanrio/My Melody plushies on the market now (probably MOST are bootleg) but this is an official, high quality Sanrio Japan product.

Official Sanrio Japan product. Vintage 2009