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This super deluxe pencil case / pencil tin / pencil box is going to be the envy of everyone who sees it! It is double sided, and opens with a magnetic clip at both the top and the bottom separately, revealing 2 different compartments for you to store your precious stationery! 
The top features 1 large compartment which is deep enough to fit several pens and pencils, there is a small pocket on the inside to store important notes and stickers etc, it also has a pencil stand which can hold 5 thin pencils which you can flip up and make your pencils super easy to grab and also it will hold your pencil tin open so that you can easily access anything else you need. The top also has a separate smaller compartment to store erasers etc. On the top is also a button which will open the cover to an in-built pencil sharpener! You can push the button and just flick the bottom of the door to open the sharpener, and then empty the pencil shavings from the hatch at the top. 

The bottom compartment is less deep but can still hold regular pencils, and also small rulers, stickers, etc... There is even a cute sheet of stickers included!

This pencil case is really like a little treasure chest! And not only is it super convenient and handy, but it is SO CUTE ♥

Measures: 250×90×3.7mm

Official Stead-Fast Japan product.