Lots of new goodies just added to the shop!

There are some adorable Stickers, Letter Sets, Memo Pads, & Washi Tape!

Please check out our Latest Products to see all of the new goodies

New Stuff!

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New ADORABLE Christmas Stickers from Korea!

Festive feels!

I just can't get over how cute these new Christmas stickers are.. *melting* they - are - ridiculous... kitty in love

There are 4 different Christmas themed sticker sheets, and they really are insanely adorable.  They've just arrived from South Korea and we added them straight to the website for only $1 per sheet. They come as an uncut sheet so you can cut them out as you like! The background is completely transparent and they would look wonderful decorating anything... Christmas presents, cards, even great as a gift to just slip the whole sheet inside a card for someone who you want to give a smile to. 

(Seriously though.... Look at those BUNNIES!!)

The cutest Christmas stickers EVER?!

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Mameshiba San Kyoudai has arrived in Adelaide!

Shiba Plushies!!

Gyyyaaaah kawaii overload!!! 😍 New stock just arrived off of the ship from Japan, hopefully I will start getting it on the website soon! These ADORABLE plushies by Amuse Japan are so unbelievably cute, i just want to keep all of them haha! The star of this group is called Mametaro, and he is the oldest of 3 Shiba Inu brothers who love to travel around Japan.
He is super fluffy and adorable, with cute rosy cheeks and a curly tail. Also he is very charming with a blue "Furoshiki", Japanese style scarf, on his neck. Can you pick which one he is??

This is all Official Amuse merchandise. (There are many bootleg Amuse plushies around! We have bought these direct from Amuse so you can be confident you are buying the real thing ♥)

Mameshiba Sankyoudai Plushies Now Available!

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Lots of kawaii new washi tapes have arrived!

We've just added some adorable new Washi Tapes to the shop! These cute sticky tapes are excellent for gift wrapping, scrapbooking, or decorating any old thing! SO CUTE! It is so easy to get addicted to collecting these, and you will be forever coming up with new ways to use them  XD

Head over to our washi tape listings and take a look!

New Washi Tapes!

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Handmade Halloween Mix n' Match earrings!

I've finally finished working on this new set of earrings, and have added them to our Etsy shop! ♥  https://www.etsy.com/au/shop/DaisukiCrafts
It's a set of 5 mix and match Halloween themed earrings! It includes a black cat, a ghost, a bat, a skull and a jack-o'-lantern. The earrings can also be made as pairs (so 2 of the same earrings) for anyone who isn't into the whole mix and match idea! Head on over to our etsy shop and take a look ^_^ ♥

New Halloween Earrings!


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More Goodies!!

More than 30 new kawaii goodies have been added to the online shop this week! If you love to write letters or give gifts then take a look, there are so many cute items including a lot of authentic Japanese collectible stationery & stickers from top brands such as Mindwave, San-X, Sanrio etc! Definitely something to make you and your loved ones smile! :D

Cute New Products!

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Loads of new kawaii products just added to the website!

FINALLY! I've added a bunch of kawaii new products to the shop over the last week (many more than what is pictured here) including heaps of sticker sheets and sticker sacks, letter sets, deco tapes, phone hangers, pencils, memo pads... so much gorgeous stuff! Many of our favourite brands are included in this batch; Sanrio, Crux, Kamio, San-X, etc. Check out our Latest Products page for a better view of all of these goodies!

New Stock!

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New Official Gloomy Bear Products!

There's a bunch of new adorable Gloomy Bear products on the website! By "new" I mean new to the shop - We've had a bunch of Gloomy Bear merch floating around for years actually and just put a bit up here and there, so it's all actually circa 2010-ish, but it's all brand new and unused (of course!). It just sometimes takes me a really long time to add stock to the website because I work a couple of different jobs as well as doing this and so I just add new stuff when I can get around to it. Because of this I have a lot of old stock from all brands really, not just the Gloomy Bear stuff! And some of it is really rare and hard to find now, so it's actually kinda cool in a way that I am not able to keep on top of adding new products to the site haha  :P

New Gloomy Products!

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New Star Wars themed Handmade Earrings!

I've made this new set of Star Wars tribute earrings! It's is a set of 5 mix & match earrings, so you can match up whichever 2 characters you want each day. The earrings include Boba Fett, Darth Vader, C3-PO, R2-D2, and Yoda. The backs are hypo allergenic surgical steel and they are all painstakingly hand-sculpted ^_^ I would love any feedback or suggestions!

Maybe in the future I will make another set with different characters but we'll see, they are so hard to make

Handmade Star Wars Earrings!

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New Stickers & Mini Letter Sets!

We just added these super cute new miniature letter sets and sticker sheets to the online shop - there is only very limited stock available though so grab them up while you can!

Cute New Stuff

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